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In the year 2000, a young and ambitious individual named Javi Zaragoza embarked on a career in the plumbing industry with a local company. He was not only given an opportunity to learn the trade but also to grow professionally under the mentorship of skilled colleagues who generously shared their knowledge. This environment of camaraderie and shared wisdom laid the groundwork for Javi to quickly master his craft.

Javi's expertise spans all areas of plumbing and pipeline work, including commercial, residential, and service settings. His footprint on the industry spans over two decades, during which time he has supervised multiple teams across all facets of the trade. His leadership skills and deep understanding of the industry are evident in every project he has been a part of.

For the past 14 years, Javi has been at the helm of his own business, supported by an incredibly capable and dedicated team. Together, they have worked on a diverse range of large-scale projects around the North Bay Area, including movie theaters, medical office buildings, laboratories, schools, condominium complexes, and underground utilities, among others. These projects, whether public or private, all carry the signature of Javi's commitment to quality and professionalism.

A mantra that has stayed with Javi throughout his career is that everyone excels at something—it's just a matter of finding that passion and delivering with full potential. He also firmly believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and explore new horizons.

Javi Zaragoza is more than just a seasoned plumber and businessman. He is a mentor, a team leader, and an advocate for personal and professional growth in the industry. With his passion for the craft and dedication to service, Javi continues to leave a lasting impact on the plumbing and pipeline industry of the North Bay Area.

Javi Zaragoza

Project Manager

Javi Zaragoza, Alpha trenchless
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